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My vibrant 2-dimensional pictures are created out of foam board, textured paper, paint and fimo (a type of polymer clay). The materials are layered to produce a 2D effect, which is refreshingly simple in its effect, whilst complex in detail. Fimo is sculptured into tiny solid shapes and figures, providing the picture with depth and texture.

Although described as modern, non-conventional and original in its form and execution, my work also echoes the bold, simple shapes and structures of more primitive art. My work is a celebration of life and is based on simple, universal pleasures such as music and dance. The images I create are designed to capture and combine structure, movement, atmosphere and emotion.

My most detailed creations fascinate me the most, filling me with energy and joy as I allow my eyes to discover and explore the different forms and structures. My passion and enjoyment in creating my work helps me to produce a very unique and special form of art.
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