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I am an artist specialising in the creation of pictures, crafts, gifts and sculptures made from fimo – a type of polymer clay. Every item I make is an original and unique piece of art, which I design in my studio in Dorset.

My designs and creations reflect my love of colour and fun. The magic of fimo is its intense colours, which stay bright and fresh. The details I create with it draw you in and make you smile.

As well as working on commissions, I create 2-dimensional cityscape pictures and accessories for the home, such as mirrors and decorative cutlery in a variety of colours and designs. Items can be personalised and make great gifts. You are unlikely to find anything quite the same on the high street and you will find that owning a unique piece of art can be remarkably affordable.

I wish you a happy time in the funky K bubble. If you would like to buy any items or discuss having something personalised or made please go to my contact / order page.
the pink monument
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