craft parties


I am a visual artist who works with fimo – a type of polymer clay. I use it to create work that ranges from large, highly detailed and textured pictures of the modern world to unique craft items and accessories.

My aim is not to create a picture you look at and then walk away from or a craft item that is left to gather dust on the shelf, but a vibrant, absorbing image, vibrating with positive energy, drawing you in and making you see the world in a different and colourful way. My work is detailed, yet simple and a reflection of my birth place, Africa, with its colour, rhythm, music and dance. Combining structure, texture, detail and colour provides for a refreshing style of art, designed to open eyes and minds to the fun and magic of our rainbow world. The main idea of my work is for it to literally leap out in front of you, drawing you in to a magical world of creativity and leaving you to feel full of good vibrations.
karen krige
funky cutlery london sights painting on canvas moulding fimo the pink monument
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